So when are you planning to start?

Own a farm plot as per your your needs

But before that, you probably wan’t to know how profitable this would be?

The short answer first, yes, you will get profits. And we are not talking about the health benefits, or the satisfaction of growing your own food. No, you will get monetary benefits as well. How much, depends on what or how you grow. And we will help you to maximize your profits.

But, let us be very clear, that we would still like you to do it for the love of it. Profits, in various forms will come along the way. You will learn from experts the nitty gritties of gardening and farming, we will teach children the importance of farming and gardening, we will have our very own farmer’s market where you can sell your produce, we will set up portable organic stores in your apartment complex. If you want to scale up to a much larger patch, we will help you do that as well.

What are the risks?

This is largely risk-free. However, your profits will vary based on the market rates of your crops.

Agriculture is affected by many uncontrollable events that are often related to weather, including excessive or insufficient rainfall, extreme temperatures, hail, insects, and diseases. The rapid introduction of new crop varieties and production techniques often offers the potential for improved efficiency, but may at times yield poor results, particularly in the short term.

We have an experienced team to support you, besides we are associated with Farmers, Doctors, Agricultural University Scientists and Professors to guide you in your journey farming journey.


You do not have to spend a fortune here.
The concept ensures that all costs are divided among all farmers.
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Wan't to know more?

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